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Frankie, my dear, I do give a damn

I spent 4 months in Melbourne in the summer of 2008 and during that time I read ‘Frankie’ magazine a lot. And I miss it. So last month when my Melbourne auntie sent me a copy of ‘Frankie’ as a present, I couldn’t have been more grateful. She sent me #34 (pictured right). It was started in 2004 out of a small flat on Brunswick Street (which, coincidentally is very near to where I used to live.)

I have a real issue (haha, issue, get it?) with the majority of magazines for women. I find they patronise the readers with their dumbed-down “news” stories. The content is bitchy and they tell us how to act. Frankie does none of these things.

‘Frankie’ is an excellent magazine for young women. The content or design is never sensationalist so it’s calming to read, which makes it perfect for enjoying on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea.  It somehow manages to strike this perfect balance in all aspects of the magazine. It’s sweet without seeming twee. It’s informative without seeming too heavy.

The illustrations are cute and aren’t afraid to be just a little bit girly. The photography is soft and has a real nostalgic quality. They looks like stills taken straight from a daydream (or ones taken by a Diana Camera). It  also has some fantastic physical qualities. The paper is soft and the magazine is light despite a high page count  so it fits in your bag perfectly without weighting it down (genius!)…

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