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Submarine Movie (Poster) Review

The designer was clearly influenced by screen-printing as illustrated by the colour choice and the  simple over-printing of a cyan square over the actor’s face. Exclusively using CMYK colours is becoming incredibly overdone. Cyan is one of the process colours and looks striking here but I’m relieved that the designer has chosen more unusual variations of yellow and magenta/red to split up the movie’s title.  I adore desaturated photograph – not quite black and white, but almost there. The boy’s expression is great, though it looks like he’s somehow looking in two directions at one..

Since the movie is presented by Ben Stiller, I was originally concerned that it might be an attempt at making a very American indie movie – basically 500 Days of Summer with a younger cast. But I find that the designer chose the very British  Gill Sans reassuring. Gill Sans is also used by the British Railway, Penguin Books and Bloc Party.

I like the subtle drowning reference. It actually reminds me of the amazing Radiohead No Surprises video. Though maybe I just have Radiohead on the mind since their new album ‘The King of Limbs’  is coming out very soon.

To read a review of the actual movie, check out the New York Times review.