Torando on Twitter

Two nights ago a tornado-like storm rampaged through Brooklyn, my current city of residence. As I sat on my incredibly comfortable Herman Miller chair in the D-Crit studio on the West side of Manhattan I was completely oblivious to this. Yes, I heard some thunder and saw some lightening but I didn’t think much of it. (Our lecture rooms are situated across from a photography studio so their flashes look as though there is constant lightening.)
I found out about it through my boyfriend in Ireland. He found out about it from a tweet. Minutes later, he was sending me links to youtube with footage of it soaring through Park Slope and other areas. Bizarre. Another bizarre aspect was as I read the news coverage on NY Daily News about the tragic death of one resident I was informed that “611 people like this on facebook. Be the first of your friends.” Surely nobody actually likes the death of someone else. Facebook may need to consider a new term… The number of ‘likes’ is significantly larger now, as seen in the image below.

I know it seems like such an obvious comment but it still shocks me when because of the Internet someone all the way on the other side Atlantic Ocean can know more about the city you’re living in, and know about it faster.


1 Response to “Torando on Twitter”

  1. 1 matt December 1, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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