Aoife’s Digital Aesthetic

Aoife  Ludlow curated one of the most exciting talks of the Inter-Changes symposium. Aoife’s diverse career, which she spoke of with passion and enthusiasm, has an emphasis on science and public engagement. Some of her work included textiles embedded into concrete and jewelry pieces that records when you wear them. She is currently working on clothes that purify the air.

Her website is currently being updated. But I recommend going back to it at a later date or taking a look many of her other side projects such as her digital print for textiles for

Ludlow worked with Helen Storey on the ‘Wonderland’ exhibition. This included garments constructed of a water soluble polymer which gradually dissolve over time (disposable fashion, eh?). The photographs speak for themselves. Stunning.

Aoife’s first invited guest was Vanessa Cutler, an expert in waterjet glass technology from Swansea Metropolitan University. She spoke passionately about her engagement with the waterjet machine and her process. One of the most memorable pieces she showed us was tiny handwriting she had managed to cut perfectly in glass. (If only I had a picture to show you all!)

Her second guest was Scottish artist and designer Geoffrey Mann. He spoke about technology and its stigma within the craft world. Mann is clearly an avid user of new processes and technologies but as a lecturer he is also concerned about students being “seduced by technology”.

Now, anyone that knows me knows I’m a sucker for the Edinburgh accent but once you take a look at his work below you will see that that is not why I was so impressed with him. A lot of his work is concerned with animal movement such as these two pieces; the first ‘Attracted to Light’ narrates the behavior of a moth under the stimulus of a light and the second is ‘Dog Fight’ … hmm.. I’m presuming you’ll be able to guess that one! Oh, by the way, he does not appreciate it when people refer to ‘Attracted to Light’ as a lamp or a light fixture (“It’s not a light!”)

If you look at ‘Dog Fight’ you may notice that it is the same process used to make those tacky souvenirs for tourists. But, my goodness, doesn’t Mr. Mann make it look incredible?? His piece is also on a much much larger scale. Though I think he’s managed to give me a new found appreciation for these souvenir objects.

All you tea lovers will like this one… Geoffrey Mann spoke about his idea of objects as these innocent bystanders in our lives and wondered what would happen if the sound waves of our speech patterns effected them. So clever!


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