Melbourne Memories. NY Dreams…

Talking about ‘Frankie’ magazine earlier reminded me what an exciting city Melbourne is for graphic designers. The only problem is that it seems like everyone second person is a qualified graphic designer so I’m guessing it could be quite difficult to find work. 2 out of the 5 people I lived with were graphic designers. That said, I was lucky enough to do a month’s internship at R-Co. Design.

In the short few months that I was there, I was lucky enough to go to two design festivals. The most exciting and more elaborate of the two was the ‘State of Design’ festival. The festival is divided into different sections including Design for Everyone, Design Capital and Design Made Trade.  It seems it’s also on this year so I’d recommend anyone over that way to check out the events on the website –

And of course, memories of the past excitement of Melbourne got me thinking about my potential excitement in New York… I can only imagine that New York will be an even more inspirational place for a young designer and design critic. I was recently accepted into the D-Crit program in the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. The course is incredible. The tutors on the course, including as Stephen Heller and Alice Twemlow, have influenced my written and practical work immensely. And although I still have to wait to hear back about funding before I know I afford to attend, I haven’t been able to prevent myself from getting very very very excited about it.

I’ve danced around like giant cliché to this..

Right now I’m far too nervous to put into words so I’ll just finish with some visual “reasons” why I could love to study design in NYC…


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